My baked proats recipe

How to make my Baked Proats

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Hello you beautiful lot:)

I’ll keep this post short & sweet!

Seeing as I get asked every single day how I make my baked proats, I thought I’d share it on the blog so it’s available for you at the click of a button ☺️

Be sure to Tag Me if you give these a go😀

There’s no huge secret really- But the key is the combination of ingredients I use as it basically makes a big cake with a crispy topping and gooey centre 😋😋

So here we go!


Porridge oats – I typically use 80-100g

Coconut flour –20g (I use Sukrin)

Whey (any flavour)-30g

A fruit purée- 100g (I use banana, pumpkin, apple, beetroot, raspberry or butternut squash etc)

A pinch of Baking powder

Sweetener to taste- (depending on your whey) I use Sukrin goldCoconut MerchantTRKG Syrups or nothing!

Almond milk – approximately 250/300ml

Coconut oil to line the bowl (I use LucyBee)

And that’s literally it😀

(Just a note- you must must use the combination of oats, whey, purée, coconut flour, baking powder and milk to get the outer crispy finish & inner gooey cake centre, the use of casein & other flours doesn’t work well)


-Mix all the dry ingredients together then pour in your fruit puree of choice

-You then want to add enough milk so that it looks ‘sloppy’ (I rarely measure the milk to be honest, I eye ball it till it looks covered as every fruit puree differs)

-Line your bowl with coconut oil then pour in your mixture

-Let it chill for a few hours in the fridge (minimally 1 hour) to absorb the liquid then bake them at 180-200 degrees for 30-35 minutes


This is how they should look fresh out the oven:


you know the drill😉

Top them with whatever your heart desires!

I always go for nut butter obviouslyyyyy (Hognuts because they’re the best nut butters out there) chocolate, biscuits, fruit, popcorn etc

Flavour combination ideas:

I’m currently obsessed with chocolate caramel using puréed banana and chocolate caramel whey, you could do this with chocolate whey and a few drops of caramel extract or caramel syrup by TRKG Healthy Living.

Or apple pie using puréed Apple and the organic protein co whey which has a delicious creamy flavour (add in cinnamon when you do this too!)

If you keep up to date with my posts you’ll know I have something different everyday as I love trying out new flavours😛

Please please tag me if you give these a go as I don’t always see comments especially if I haven’t checked my phone in a while (first world problems)

Any questions you know where I am:)

Hope you’ve had a great Bank holiday!

Lots of love,





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