The Oat Games!


The Oat Games run by Mornflake Oat cereal 

What a day!


The incredible people behind Mornflake Oat cereal organised an exclusive blogger’s event in South Cheshire- the home and birth place of Mornflake, Britains 4th oldest family owned company.

I do not doubt that you haven’t already heard of and tried their products; ranging from superfast porridge oats, to oatbran, bircher muesli and even protein porridge pots!

Let’s be real here, there’s a reason I eat their oats not once, but twice a day (as i’m sure you’re all sick of seeing my bowls of baked oats by now, they aren’t stopping anytime soon 😉 )

I could write an array about the health benefits of all their products but I strongly recommend you check out their interactive and informative website here!

Back to the event..

I was contacted by the lovely Hannah (their brand manager) who couldn’t have been more generous and welcoming in her invite to the event.

Everything was organised and ready to go- we just had to get there 🙂

A coach drove us all to the field in which Mornflake grow there oats- what a better way to get to know the brand and product than to visit the home in which it’s grown 🙂

When we arrived we were introduced to the Mornflake team and had a breakdown of what to expect that day


Then, Craig Williamson, of CW1 Crossfit took over & prepared us for The Oat games (Crossfit games that was 😛 )

It was a great introduction to the world of Crossfit, we began with exercises such as tyre flips and prowlers

we then began the 3, 7 minute WOD’s in our pairs which definitely challenged and pushed most of us, regardless of fitness level!

I think we were all quietly relieved when the end of the 21 minutes came and we had the opportunity to ‘spin your own smoothie’


And enjoy gorgeous treats made using Mornflake oats by the talented Nichola Whitehead of Nic’s Nutrition

She’s even kindly shared the recipes for the protein bites she made us over on her instagram for anyone to try out so be sure to give them a go!

This was also a chance for us to mingle with fellow food/fitness/health bloggers and YouTubers and we all agreed it was SO nice putting faces to names having all communicated over social media for so long

Finally, we all got the opportunity to try some Yoga lead by The Boys of Yoga 



I think it’s safe to say, it definitely wasn’t my forte but it was so fun trying out something new- I somehow managed to get myself in one of the positions known as Bakasana so I was pretty pleased with myself 🙂

Finally, the day came to an end and the amazing people of Mornflake have actually put together a full video of the event which you can watch here: 

On behalf of myself and everyone who attended, I’d like the thank the team at Mornflake for organising such a successful, fun and fantastic event

I’m already itching to find out when the next one is!


2 thoughts on “The Oat Games!

  1. Dylan says:

    Love your write up and pictures of what looks like the perfect even for porridge loving cross fitters and yogis! Will keep my ear to the ground to find out the next one.😊


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