Peanut Butter Cup Cookie Dough! Guest Recipe

Peanut Butter Cup Cookie Dough! Guest Recipe By ‘Ptheledge’ 


Having seen Paul, aka Ptheledge as he’s better known on Instagram, post a picture of this cookie dough and watching everyone’s response- I knew I had to ask for the recipe too!

Paul is literally a macro magician (which i’m sure you already know if you’re following him because let’s be real here, anyone who appreciates food porn already is 😉 )

He also happens to be such a lovely guy and personally typed the entire recipe out for me!

After making and eating them, I just knew this recipe had to go somewhere that everyone had access too.

They taste amazing, not a chickpea in sight too PLUS they keep really well so you can make a big batch and nibble on them whenever you want 😀


50g Muscle Mousse Peanut Butter Cup

10g Oat flour (oat bran would work too)

15g Peanut flour (I use Sukrin)

5g Melted Coconut Oil (I use Lucy Bee)

20-30ml Vanilla Skinny syrup (can be subbed for milk)

5-10ml Water or Milk

Reeses pieces to decorate (optional)


1.Simply blend together all the ingredients except the 5-10ml water/milk , you can use your hands or a food processor

2.Kneed out the mix onto a plate and add a 5-10ml of water or milk then either blitz or fold with your hands

3.Portion out the mixture how you wish and roll up into little balls

4.Finally, decorate with Reeses pieces by pressing into each cookie dough ball (I used 3 pieces per ball) you can use chocolate chips or omit decorations altogether if you wish!

And viola! That’s it! Incredibly macro friendly, tasty, quick and easy

I wasn’t lying when I told you he was a magician 😉

Thanks again to Paul for featuring on my website!

Hope you enjoy this recipe, I don’t doubt you will 😉


links to Paul’s social media



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