Matcha Tea?

Your Tea- Matcha Tea Set Review



As an absolute caffeine fiend, I’m always keen to try alternatives that both give me a boost in the morning and keep me feeling good all day

When I was approached by the generous people of Your Tea to try their Matcha Tea set, I couldn’t refuse as my curiosity got the best of me 🙂

So I did a little research before trying it of course, so i knew what to expect when it arrived.

What exactly is Matcha?

Matcha is actually ‘green tea’ but it is sourced from organic tea leaves that have been steamed, dried and ground into a fine powder. In essence it is the purest and most natural form of green tea you can consume.

What are the benefits of consuming Matcha Tea?

Whilst yes, Matcha Tea still contains caffeine– it is in a different form known as ‘theophylline’ . This form can sustain the energy levels without any adverse effects. This slow release of energy is certainly a favourable option to a harsh cup of strong coffee.

Like green tea, matcha is said to be loaded with antioxidants (brilliant news for both your immunity and all round well-being!) The matcha drinker consumes the entire leaf and not just the brew. As a result, 1 cup of matcha is said to contain the equivalent of multiple cups of green tea in terms of nutritional value and antioxidant content.

Japanese varieties of matcha tea contain high levels of Chlorophyll and this is said to help with the detoxification process. According to many, chlorophyll is an excellent detoxifier which helps in cleansing the blood, whilst also maintaining the alkalinity of blood and tissues. It is also said to assist in preventing the association of harmful toxins with colon walls, and flushes them out of the body. Chlorophyll in general helps in normal blood clotting, wound healing and hormonal balance.

Having read all this, I was certainly SO excited to try it for myself!

The box came beautifully wrapped, complete with sachets of the matcha, a ‘guide book’ and a bamboo whisk to use when preparing the tea!

The sachets are incredibly convenient– especially as i’m going on holiday soon, I can easily take them with me rather than having to worry about portioning out powder, it’s all been done for me 🙂

What I loved most, was the little guide book it came with too!

Complete with everything you need to know about Matcha plus some recipes too 🙂


This set really is the perfect little gift for tea lovers ❤

It has a step-by-step guide on how to prepare the tea which I followed to create the perfect cup!

Personally, I find Matcha tea far less bitter than green tea therefore I don’t add any sweetener too it.

My favourite way to enjoy it has been making almond milk matcha lattes in the morning 🙂

They taste creamy and delicious, are easy to prepare and most importantly, leave me feeling energised all day!

To make, simply mix the matcha tea sachet in a little boiling water and use the bamboo whisk until it has fully dissolved. Warm your almond milk either over the hob or the microwave then pour it over slowly whisking it through, who needs a Starbucks eh? 😉

I definitely recommend this tea if you’re looking for a coffee alternative in the morning or simply want to mix it up and try something new. It’s also the perfect little gift for any tea lover!

Thanks again to Your Tea for the opportunity to try it 🙂

You can try it yourself here too- 




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