New Kids on the Block!

Moose Juice- Extreme Energy!


So the sneaky people up at Muscle Mousse HQ have been brewing up an amazing new product..

Feast your eyes on the New Kids on the Block, their range of Moose Juice!

I was SO excited to come home to this yesterday and automatically had to taste test

I’ve been so impressed that I thought the best thing to do, was review it so you guys can get ordering too as it’s available in Cardiff Sports Nutrition  and you can use my discount code ‘VIAN10’ at checkout too 🙂

So what exactly is Moose Juice?!

Not your average energy drink that’s what 😉

Think sparkling, sugar free, berry drink but… with added BCAA’s AND B-Vitamins

Best of all, it’s aspartame FREE, plus contains caffeine for a pre-workout kick!

The levels of caffeine won’t leave you crashing afterwards which is so important as no one wants to be on a downer let’s be honest 😉

Let’s talk macros..


The entire can is only 15 calories 

1.6g C

2.2g P (all from BCAA’s)

and of course, Og F

The can is actually 2 servings so per 250ml the macros are actually only 7 calories, 0.8g C and 1.1g P so these cans really do go a long way 🙂

They’ve really gone above and beyond by adding BCAA’s as currently no other energy drink out there has them included too.

I could write an entire post on BCAA’s but basically; BCAA’s are Branched chained Amino-acids, they are comprised of 3 main amino acids (the building blocks of muscle) which do 3 main things;

1.Maximise muscle recovery

2.Aid in muscle growth by triggering muscle synthesis

3.Enhance performance and reduce fatigue during exercise

They are also packed full of Vitamin B6 and B12; providing you with 750% of your VB6 RDA amount and 4165% of your B12 RDA amount (yep you read that correctly!) 

The ‘B’Vitamins are famous for their role in natural energy function within the body but let’s look a little more closely at 6 and 12..

Benefits of Vitamin B6

It is actually essential for cardiovascular, digestive, immune, muscular, and nervous system function. We require it to make the hormones serotonin and melatonin, important in sleep regulation and mood (which I go into more detail about if you click here 🙂 )

It’s a clever little vitamin that helps form important parts of enzymes which regulate and assist in reactions all over the body; hence is plays a role in the metabolism of fats, other vitamins, carbohydrates components like amino acids.

Benefits of Vitamin B12 

Low levels of this Vitamin are actually associated with a type of Anaemia and arguably it is one of the most important vitamins in the body. It is essential for the synthesis of DNA in practically all cell types. Again, it supports natural energy forming processes within the body. The guys at Muscle Mousse have certainly done well here to provide you with over 4000% of your RDA for B12 in half a can, they’ve got you covered 😉

The taste test..

For me, the taste was perfect! Not too sweet that you felt like you were drinking carbonated sugar but sweet enough to question whether it was actually sugar-free or not!

The berry taste was lovely- not sickly in anyway which you really wouldn’t want pre-workout either.

All in all, i’m really so impressed with this new Moose Juice which you can try for yourself here- 

And again, a massive thank you to the wonderfully generous people at Muscle Mousse for surprising me with this delivery and letting me be one of the first to try it 🙂

Lots of love,


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