Pistachio & Coconut Cookies (Vegan)

Pistachio & Coconut Cookies 

Currently soaking up the sun in beautiful Cyprus but itching to share this super simple & delicious recipe with you all…

So it’s no secret that i’m obsessed with all things nutty 😉

I currently seem to find a way to use coconut in everything, whether that be coconut yogurt, oil, cream, milk etc

Who can blame me when it tastes SO good plus is absolutely amazing for you!

Coconut oil in particular is predominately saturated fat- specifically medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) which have an array of health benefits such as;

-Increasing the ration of ‘good’ to ‘bad’ cholesterol
-Reducing insulin spikes in the liver
-It is rich in lauric acid which is converted to Monolaurin in the body; Monolaurin has been shown to be useful in increasing immunity

And my absolute favourite brand is Lucy Bee, not only because of the flavour and quality but because of everything they promote through fair trade sustainability which you can read more about here 🙂 –


So back to the recipe..

Ingredients (makes 6):

35g Vitafiber powder

15 ml Coconut milk

20g Coconut flour (I use Sukrin)

15g Buckwheat flour

5g Desiccated coconut

5g Coconut oil (I use Lucy Bee)

5g Sukrin gold

(Approx 5g Desiccated coconut and 5g Crushed pistachio to decorate)


1.Mix together the Vitafiber and Coconut milk to create a smooth liquid

2.Add the Coconut flour, Buckwheat flour, desiccated coconut, Coconut oil and Sukrin gold and stir till you have a stick dough like mixture

3.Divide the mix into 6 silicone moulds of choice; I used heart shaped moulds

4. Pop in the oven on 150 degrees for 13 minutes

5. Remove and allow to cool for 10 minutes then decorate how you wish, I used a pistachio cream, pistachio chunks and desiccated coconut


These were so so crispy and biscuit like!

You’d never know how completely and utterly healthy they are would you 😉

Hope you enjoy this recipe!

Lots of love, 



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