Hello Hognuts!


Say hello to the BRAND NEW mouthwatering Hognuts Butters flavours! 😀

They’ve seriously spoilt us this time with not one, two or three, but four totally unique brand new peanut butters!





Click here to experience some serious peanut butter porn 😉

You can drool over them for yourself before choosing which to try first 😉

Before you ask, you can order them;

  1. From Hognuts themselves; http://hognutsbutters.bigcartel.com

Use ‘VIANHOGNUTS15’ for 15% off 🙂


2. From Cardiff Sports Nutrition; https://www.cardiffsportsnutrition.co.uk/index.php?route=product%2Fsearch&search=hognuts+ 

Use ‘VIAN10’ for discount 🙂

Now… let’s get to the macros and taste review!


Peanut Brittle 

Macros (per 100g):

586 Cal

30g P
42g F
26g C

Yep, mind-blowing right? High protein, low fat, low carb and only 3g of naturally occurring sugars. This flavour is also gluten free!

I adored this one! Smooth creamy butter, subtle hints of toffee and super crunchy ‘brittle’ stirred throughout 🙂 absolutely beautiful flavour and texture! Perfect for spooning straight out of the jar in my opinion 😉 It would also make a great flexbowl topping, melt beautifully on warm bread, stir through porridge oats etc, the possibilities are endless!!

Chocolate Tiffin 

Macros (per 100g):

622 Cal

18g P
46g F
35g C

The only way of describing this flavour is literally a flavour explosion in your mouth! They’ve mixed their signature decadent chocolate base with the most exciting extras; biscuits, honeycomb pieces, chocolate chunks.. you name it, it’s in there. You don’t know what’s coming, each mouthful is as exciting and surprising as the next!
Make yourself a date with this tub, a spoon and nothing else 😉

Cookies and Cream 

Macros (per 100g):

616 Cal

24g P
47g F
28g C

Okay so if you like Oreo’s you’ll LOVE this flavour!! Think of the inside of an oreo, creamy vanilla peanut buttery smooth goodness, with actual large chunks of dark cookie pieces!
If you’re anything like me you’ll be fishing your way through the tub picking out the cookie pieces too 😛
Absolutely incredible, another winner for sure!


Macros (per 100g):

611 Cal

27g P
47g F
24g C

So like the Chocolate tiffin, this flavour is literally packed to the brim of incredible goodies, except these are all superfoods!
They’re included everything from chia seeds, to pumpkin seeds, to goji berries to flax seeds; creating the most beautiful sweet yet salty flavour sensation.
It truly does tantalise the tastebuds as well as contain the most nutrient dense superfoods out there- I truly can’t think of a more healthy and delicious butter!

I hold my hands up to the Magicians at Hognuts HQ! Just when you think their butters cannot get any better, they go and top themselves ONCE MORE with these four brand new, mind-blowing flavours. Each one as good as the next 🙂

I promise you, they will not disappoint 😉

Be sure to let me know which ones you’re trying first, i’d love to hear what you think of the flavours too 🙂

You know where to find me by now,

lots of love


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