Dolma (Vegan)

Dolma- Stuffed Vine Leaves (Vegan)

Dolma is a traditional middle eastern dish which was an absolute childhood favourite growing up!

I remember how excited we’d all get when it was for dinner because it was one of those dishes that we didn’t have too regularly- so it felt like a treat when we did 🙂

It’s essentially a rice, tomato and mince mixture which is later wrapped in grape vine leaves and left to slow cook for hours. I’m sure you will have tried it as part of ‘mezze’ if you’ve ever been to any middle eastern restaurants too.

Traditionally, it’s made with mince lamb and rice but I thought i’d have a go at giving it a new spin;

I’ve made a vegan version which has turned out incredibly delicious hence, I simply had to share it 😀

As im not a massive fan of rice (fellow IBS sufferers may understand the struggles when it comes to digesting it!) I thought i’d experiment with Cous Cous too!

Let’s get started before I ramble on any longer..


Ingredients to make 12

-12 large Vine leaves

-200g Cooked CousCous

-A small red onion

-50g Mixed beans

-50g Courgette

-50g Aubergine


-All spice seasoning


-Salt and pepper to taste


1.Start with the stuffing; cook the couscous and vegetables separately then combine and season to taste. I personally prefer it to be more fragrant than salty so it all depends on preference

2.Drain the leaves from the jar then place the leaf with the shiny side down on a chopping board

3.Per leaf, use about 1 tablespoon of ‘filling’. Place it in the centre and fold the top and bottom of the leaf before rolling over the sides


4.Layer the bottom of a deep pan with flatten dolma leaves then before placing in the rolled dolma (stack them on top of one another)

5.Pour in a few cm of boiling water then cover with the lid and allow to steam cook for about 1 hour on a very low heat

6.When the leaves are soft and easily pierced, remove and enjoy! 🙂

It really does make the most filling, nutritious and comforting dinner- plus it looks quite impressive for something that’s hardly difficult to make 😉

Please let me know if you give these a go!

Lots of love as always,



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