Inside-Out Sweet Pumpkin Pies 

Inside-Out Sweet Pumpkin Pie


A little sweet treat for Halloween 😉

How adorable are these munchkin pumpkins!?

As soon as I found them in Tesco I fell in love and decided to think outside the box (quite literally) in order to create a sweet recipe using them! I was also determined in using them whole as they really are as too cute!

So I came up with…

Inside-Out Sweet Pumpkin stuffed pies!

Baked on the inside are layers of crunchy sweet pastry filling which are an absolute treat to come across when you’re eating your way through them

The best thing is, they’re basically a single serving dessert you can tuck into right away with your spoon as the pumpkin doubles up as a bowl too 😀

Ingredients to make one:

For the pumpkin layers;

-A Munchkin Pumpkin

-1 TBS Coconut Oil (I use The Good Stuff)

-2 TBS Cinnamon

-2 TBS Sukrin Gold

-1/2 TBS Mixed spice

-Pinch of Nutmeg

-Full fat Coconut Milk (Can be omitted)

TRKG Candy Corn Syrup

For the crunchy pastry layers;

-30g Oats

-20g Pecan Pie Hognuts butters Peanut Butter

-1 TBS Coconut oil

-1 TSP Cinnamon

-1 TBS Sukrin Gold

-20g Crushed pecans

-1 TBS Maple syrup

For the Chocolate drizzle;

-50-80g Dark Chocolate


1.Cut off the ‘head’ of the Pumpkin lengthways to create an opening, scoop out the seeds to discard then place in the oven for 20-30 minutes on 200 degrees.

2.Make your crunchy pastry mix: melt together the Coconut oil with the Peanut butter, stir through the Oats, Crushed pecans, Cinnamon and Sukrin. When combined, stir in the Maple syrup. Flatted out the mixture onto baking paper and pop in the oven for 5 minutes.

3.Remove the Pumpkin from the oven, it should be softer now. Scrape the pumpkin ‘meat’ from the insides- you should remove approximately 100g into a separate bowl. Mix the soft pumpkin meat with the Coconut milk, Coconut Oil, Cinnamon, Sukrin Gold, Mixed spice, Nutmeg & Candy Corn Syrup (add more sweetener here if desired).

4.Begin your layering! Alternate adding in and pressing down the crunchy pastry mix with the soft pumpkin pie mix (I did 2 layers of each).


5.Pop back in the oven to warm and soften for a further 15-20 minutes.

6.Melt and drizzle your chocolate, then grab a spoon and tuck in 🙂

Clever right?! I love how its a single serving dessert that doubles up as a bowl too
You can get creative with the pastry layers and stuffing if you wish- use your imagination 😉

Hope you love this recipe, wish you all a great Halloween no matter what you have planned 🙂

Lots of Love,




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