Skinny Bakery Review

Skinny Bakery Review!


I was recently contacted by the generous and lovely Mariella, the founder of Skinny Bakery based in London, who sent me a range of her freshly baked treats to try…

The Skinny Bakery produces handmade, fresh, delicious baked goods which are in fact now stocked all over London- including most Whole Foods Markets

What makes the bakes so unique is that they are all fat, sugar and calorie reduced without compromising flavour and texture 😉

Some are also gluten and dairy free and they all come with a full nutritional breakdown and ingredients list with no nasties!

You can read more about them here; 


This is the beautiful selection I was sent to try!

Skinny Coconut Bites

Skinny Sweet Potato Brownies

Skinny Chocolate Pearls 

Skinny Meringue Cookies

Skinny Chocolate Chip Cookies

Mini Mince Pies 

Skinny Coconut Bites

These are wheat, sugar and dairy free and the entire pot is only 212 calories!

You get 5 in the pot and each is only 42 calories which is slightly mind-blowing considering how delicious they are.

Personally, I loved these as I love coconut! The inside was fudgy and soft and they were coated with fresh desiccated coconut- if you’re a coconut lover these are definitely for you 🙂


Skinny Sweet Potato Brownies

Again, these are gluten and dairy free. Sweetened naturally with dates (which we all know how much I love!)

The entire pack comes in at 189 calories (I know, how does she do it right?!)

And judging by the name, the secret ingredient here is obviously sweet potato- making these brownies silky smooth and delicious too. Another winner for me 🙂


Skinny Chocolate Pearls 

Unfortunately these aren’t dairy or wheat free for those of you with intolerances BUT for those of you that aren’t you MUST try these!

They are very close in flavour to the sweet potato brownies however, have a secret fudgy chocolately centre which is to die for. The best part is that it’s made with Tofu! Yep! Isn’t that clever?!

Resulting in the entire batch being high in protein, lower in fat and coming in at a total 208 calories!


Skinny Meringue Cookies 

These were such a treat! Im not usually a fan of Meringue as I don’t find it particularly satiating to eat and it makes my teeth feel funny but the addition of chocolate in these made them more into what I would describe as light airy fluffy cookies!

These are dairy free and an absolute tinyyyy 141 calories for the entire pack! (Only 30 calories per cookie) Not the most filling but delicious non the less! 🙂

Skinny Chocolate Chip Cookies

Who doesn’t love chocolate chip cookies? 😉 I loved the fact that these came made into shapes such as stars, trees and hearts (yes i’m an absolute sucker for heart shaped things) :p

These were surprisingly softer than I anticipated them to be, and they had a generous amount of chocolate chips throughout too (which are dairy free!)

Each cookie is a mere 37 calories (again, absolute madness) you can enjoy the entire pack for only 187 calories too! 🙂

I’ve been loving these on my oats as a change up from the usual Oreos I pop on there!

Mini Mince Pies

So unfortunately I’m not a fan of mince pies (sorry guys) so I personally didn’t review these, instead I asked my friend to try them as she loves mince pies!

She assured me they were delicious and that you would never know they were so healthy and low calorie- only 85 calories each!! They’re cleverly made with Greek yogurt making them higher in protein and lower in fat too 🙂

I really think, the Christmas hampers currently available on her website are the perfect gift for anyone who loves baked treats!
Everything comes wrapped and packaged with a personal touch.
There’s a beautiful range of flavours and bakes to choose from- I guarantee there’s something for everyone 🙂
These are even great for those who are slightly apprehensive at trying healthy baked treats (I know some people are always sceptical to try things made unconventionally) as you would genuinely never know they were so low calorie 🙂
She even does gift vouchers and I don’t know about you but that sounds like the perfect present to me if you’re unsure as to what someone would enjoy taste wise!

A massive thank you again to the lovely Mariella for the opportunity to try these gorgeous baked treats!
If you’ve got any specific questions, don’t hesitate to comment or message me 🙂

Lots of Love,


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