Not another protein post..

Protein Pt II

the which, where and why..


After the amazing response from my first post explaining why or why not you may need to introduce protein into your diet, which you can read here if you haven’t done so already:

‘Won’t Protein Make me Manly?!’

It would only be fair to write this follow up blog as promised!

So in the post i’ll be explaining the different types of protein out there to help you all out as it can all be a little too overwelming, especially if you’re just starting out and don’t even know where to begin!

I know for me personally, if i’d read something like this when I first decided to try protein powders it would have helped big time- i’ve been using protein powders for the past 4/5 years so I really have tried ALOT of brands and flavours!

Just a little disclaimer before I start, I am not sponsored by any of the companies mentioned nor do I gain anything from mentioning them in this post and all these views and opinions are my own 🙂

Vivo Life UK


So i’m going to start off with a protein brand that’s the most universal as it’s a vegan one (so by default anyone can have it regardless of dietary preferences)

VivoLife are a vegan brand who sell a range of vegan products but are best known for their amazing protein

Their vegan perform protein provides 25g of raw plant protein (you can read about the significance of this here), as well as digestive enzymes AND amino acids, it’s sweetened with stevia (natural plant protein) and contains organic raw cacao which is a nutrient powerhouse containing antioxidants and iron  (specifically the cacao flavour- my personal favourite!)


Now the reason I love this protein is the fact that not only can vegans eat it, but if you’re dairy intolerant it’s perfect for you

Their protein is actually a blend of different plant proteins and it has digestive enzymes in it which really help its break down- you don’t get any uncomfortable bloating and it ensures the protein is fully digested and absorbed.

The problem with vegan proteins (i’ve found) is that they all taste ‘earthy’ which is absolutely fine is you enjoy that taste, but this is where Vivo Life stand above the rest, their protein genuinely has a delicious sweet flavour and i confirm this having tried both drinking and eating it 🙂

I urge you to read more about them and everything they stand for on their website: 

They really do have the best morals and beliefs and I truly admire what they preach. The team behind the brand really are the sweetest and most lovely people too- it’s been a pleasure getting to know them over social media! PLUS they’ve just released a brand new Salted Caramel flavour, I know I know.. 😉

Now a perfect protein if you’re only interested in something for baking and cooking purposes is Protein Pow’s natural whey

It’s brilliant as it only has 1 ingredient- yep only one!

100% Natural whey protein with a surprisingly delicious creamy flavour too 🙂

So this is perfect if you want ‘blank canvus’ to start with if you will, obviously as it only contains one ingredient is it gluten free and free from any artificial flavours/sweeteners/ hidden nasties! Whats more- it’s super easy to digest and definitely the most versatile to use in well, just about anything really!!

Now let’s get on to some of my all time favourite flavours and brands!

For those of you who’d like to splash out and get some incredible flavoured protein I can only recommend one brand:



This is a huge american brand and yes may seem a little pricey but honestly, once you hear about and try the flavours they do, cost will not come into the equation- trust me!

My absolute hands down favourites are

1.Snickerdoole (think cinnamon brown sugar)


2.Peanut butter cup (legit tastes like a liquid Reeses cup)

The great thing about PEScience is that it is a blend of protein- so it contains whey and casein which makes it perfect when you want to bake because whey alone in baking can cause things to become very dry (which you may have already noticed if you’ve tried making anything with it alone).

These flavours are amazing, for drinking, mixing in yogurt, mixing in oats- anything you can think of, I’ve tried with them!

So whats the difference between whey and casein protein?!

Both forms come from milk hence are both dairy proteins however the only difference is the way in which they are broken down:

Whey is broken down very rapidly by the body (within an hour) where as casein takes 3-4 hours to digest. This is why whey is the preferred protein of choice directly after exercise and casein is preferred as a ‘pre-bed’ protein because the slower digestion if it keeps you fuller for a much longer period of time.

My favourite whey protein alone (which you’ll definitely have noticed if you’ve followed me on Instagram for a while) is Dymatize (specifically the birthday cake flavour)


Dymatize whey protein is a 100% hydrolysed, lactose and gluten free isolate meaning it is the highest quality whey protein available to you (others include concentrates which aren’t as pure)

This whey protein is also great for drinking, mixing into oats, yogurt etc- when baking with it just be sure to add some fruit puree or butter for moisture 🙂

There is no other flavour out there quite like this one and I guarantee you’ll be hooked once you try it too!!

This brand also do a range of casein puddings and proteins if you’re looking for something sweet to have before you go to sleep that will also satiety you and help with muscle recovery..

My favourite of their Casein range is the gourmet chocolate


It’s SO rich, thick and creamy (as well as being really filling); the perfect pre-bed protein treat!

Another massive company which i’m sure you will have heard of by now are Muscle Mousse


The team behind muscle mouse are the nicest and most genuine bunch- they also have a range of products but on the topic of casein, i’m going to talk about their famous protein mousse dessert!

Their protein mousse is a blend of whey and casein which is prepared by simply shaking together with milk or water and leaving to set in the fridge for about 30 minutes.

Due to the large proportion of casein in it, it forms the perfect slowly digested pre-bed sweet protein treat which so many people use a base for a completely ‘guilt-free’ treat!

Just check out their instagram page and you’ll see exactly what I mean:

You’ll notice it’s also incredibly versatile and can be used in baking, in oats, to make pancakes etc

But most importantly, let’s talk flavours 😉

My top 3 have to be:
1. Peanut Butter Cup
2. Chocolate Peanut Caramel
3.Mint Chocolate Chip

(I’ve made recipes using all these flavours too which you may have come across on my website already!)

Now I know we’re not all made of money (me included) and sometimes you just need a simple quick budget go-to protein brand, for me that has to be Bulk powders.


Their whey and caseins are incredibly cheap; especailly when taking into consideration the quality of the protein you’re getting.

Personally, they are the best online budget brand- cheap and cheerful and they do the job. Especially if you want simple flavours like chocolate/vanilla/banana.

If you’re new to the whole ‘protein scene’ and don’t want to splash out on something just yet then this is a great place to start!

Really hope this article has helped you all, please don’t hesitate to message or comment me if you have any questions; i’ve tried most brands and flavours over the years so I really do know good protein and good flavours 🙂

Lots of Love,



3 thoughts on “Not another protein post..

  1. Jo West says:

    Really great post, thanks. There are so many I want to try and I end up buying a massive pot and hating it.
    Wish they had more sample serving sizes, e.g. Would love to try PES. Do you know anywhere that stocks sachets? Usual suspects like protein pick n mix don’t


    • vee240 says:

      Aww you’re most welcome, thank you for the feedback!
      It’s worth asking Cardiff sports nutrition as they may have some samples, if not try contacting the company directly too 🙂


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