Vanilla Berry Ice Cream

Vanilla Berry Ice Cream

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Hey guys! 🙂

I’m excited to share the simplest (but most addictive) Ice Cream recipe with you all!

SO many of you have been asking over it and seeing as it has been posted over my instgram page in the past, I thought i’d put it someone more accessible for you all 🙂

This Ice cream is packed full of antioxidants, natural healthy fats and is much higher in protein than your common popular brands… which is why it’s evident i’m well and truly obsessed with making it!

Hope you enjoy it as much as me (be warned, it does get addictive 😉 )


400g Mixed Frozen Berries (blueberries, blackberries and raspberries)

1 Large banana

200g Tinned Full Fat Coconut milk (I use Blue Dragon)

1/2 TSP Acai berry powder (I use Kaizen Living)

1 Scoop Vanilla VivoLife Vegan Protein (to make vegan) OR 1 Scoop Natural Whey (I use The good stuff organic)

3/4 Drops vanilla extract


1.Quite literally, throw everything into a food processor (a blender doesn’t usually work) and whiz up till you form a thick, creamy, ice cream like consistency! Be patient as it takes a few minutes to break down the berries

2.Top with whatever you desire and enjoy! 🙂

Just a note, if you want a smaller portion simply half the recipe! Alternatively make the entire batch, store half in the freezer and devour the following day 😀

Thank you to all of you who asked over this recipe, it’s super simple but super delicious!

Lot’s of love,


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