Cardiff’s Vegan fest!

Cardiff’s Vegan fest! 

What a fantastic event!

Held in City Hall, Cardiff City Centre, the Vegan festival organised by the charity organisation Viva, welcomed 2350 people through their doors 🙂

It was an opportunity to listen to vegan talks, try an array of incredible vegan foods as well as meet other vegans/ people interested in veganism.

I also got to meet SO many people who recognised me off Instagram and it was an absolute pleasure talking to you in person!

I myself am not fully vegan however, you know how much I love experimenting with vegan meals and recipes on my website here 🙂

Outside city hall were a range of ‘fast-food’ stalls from Vegan Pizza to Nigerian cuisine, everything was made fresh to order and it was a lovely way to welcome people into the event.

The weather was luckily on our side too- so you could grab what you wanted and enjoy it outside before or after entering the festival 🙂

Upon entry, you were greeted by a group of lovely and welcoming Viva volunteers who stamped you in order to allow you to enter and leave as you please- already the atmosphere was very zen and positive! 😀

Upstairs in City Hall- a variety of talks and discussions were scheduled every hour ranging from Veganism to talks on animal rights and what it entails to go Vegan

Downstairs; now this was every foodies dream (vegan or not, the food hall was incredible!)


There was a huge selection of hot foods ranging from Mexican street food to Indian street food


A range of stalls were you could try protein bars, drinks, natural energy bars etc- everyone was incredibly friendly, generous and welcoming 🙂

It was a great opportunity to talk to local businesses also- as a regular shopper from Simply V it was lovely to see them there, I couldn’t resist stocking up as well as purchasing a delicious cookie from them too!

(yes it really was as amazing as it looks!!)

I then picked up some Peanut Butter Chocolate, how predictable of me 😉 .. which was raw and handmade and divine!

The highlight for me however, was not only meeting the delightful people of Naturally Kind Food- not only was it lovely to finally meet and chat to them, I had the opportunity to buy some of their incredible sweet treats


The chocolate cup and raw snickers, hands down the most amazing things i’ve potentially ever eaten in my life. Vegan or not you guys, this was food porn at its finest!!

There was also a few stalls selling cruelty free cosmetics and bath products, everything looked and smelt divine and it was paired with lovely customer service!

The fabulous people of Viva have announced that this will be an annual event- we’re ensured next year will be even bigger and better. I simply cannot wait!! 😀

Thank you for a fantastic festival!


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