Protein Empire


I am incredibly excited to tell you guys about a brand new, upcoming supplement company I now have the pleasure of working with!

Protein Empire

Recently formed in 2015, Protein Empire is an innovative sports nutrition brand that provide the highest quality that’s both affordable and promises to be the best tasting products available on the market.

What stood out to me about their ethos is their slogan- ‘Fuel for life’

I love that they promote fitness as a long term, sustainable lifestyle. They’re not about quick fixes, detox tea’s and unsustainable approaches to your health.


So what do they sell?

Well you can explore their website for yourself here.. 

Their products range from whey proteins, to vitamins to sleep & recovery aids such as ZMA

If you need to read about the benefits of supplementing protein in your diet, click here: 

This blog post had a great response and helped a lot of you out massively!

I’ve also written about ZMA in the past, which you can read about here too:

An ABSOLUTE staple in my day-to-day supplements

I really love how they offer bundle packs too, which not only save you money but save you the hassle of looking for multiple items when you make your purchase.

Let’s talk about their whey protein…


I’ve been lucky enough to try out their Whey in Vanilla flavour- I’ve already tried drinking it, having it in my Protein Ice cream, in oats and can confirm it’s delicious! Creamy, sweet and super smooth… I have just the perfect recipe up my sleeve to make with it too 😉

What appealed to me most about it is the great macronutrient breakdown of thats included, it’s low in fat and carbs and is a fantastic source of quality protein (21g per serving!). Not only that, it contains digestive enzymes; now i’ll be writing a full article about the benefits of these but essentially, they help break down and ensure you absorb the nutrients fully. A lot of people supplement with digestive enzymes so here, you’re getting a 2-in-1 product. Another great thing about digestive enzymes and whey protein is that they reduce bloating that a lot of people do experience when supplementing with it, leaving you feeling far more comfortable after you’ve consumed it.

A little bit more about the brand…

I just love their fantastic approach and whole entire ethos.

They’re a small company who primary goal is their customers; and that’s with the quality of product, service and care they provide. They are also knowledgable and passionate about what they do which is great for those of you who have questions about what you’re purchasing before you actually get it.

Not only do they focus on fat loss, but they have products and bundles which help you build muscle too!

And finally, what I love the most, is that they’re so confident in their products and what they offer, that they provide you with a guarantee also


‘Our business relies on you enjoying our products, and we go the extra mile to make sure you do. If you’re happy, you’ll keep coming back for more – and that makes us happy too! With straight-talking, friendly advice, we’re here to help you every step of the way’


Be sure to follow them on:




& check out their website to keep up to date with great deals they have going 🙂

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