Triple Nut Blueberry Cheesecakes

Triple Nut Blueberry Cheesecakes


One for all my nut butter lovers out there!

Featuring the gorgeous New Hognuts Blueberry Cheesecake Almond butter

I’ve made sure this is totally peanut free so if you have a peanut allergy you can still enjoy it!!

These mini cheesecakes have a blueberry almond creamy base, a nutty filling and a thick dreamy chocolate topping..

You simply must give them a go, they’re so easy!

Ingredients (Makes 4):

120g Blueberry Cheesecake Hognuts Almond Butter

60g Coconut oil (I use The Good Stuff)

120g Light Cream Cheese

50g Peanut Butter Flavoured MuscleMousse 

50g Smooth Cashew Butter (I use Meridian)

30g Cacao Powder (I use The Good Stuff)

10g Truvia (any sweetener will work)


Layer 1: Mix together the 20g of coconut oil with the almond butter then stir through the cream cheese. Divide between 4 silicone moulds then pop in the freezer for 20 minutes to set.

Layer 2: Stir together the cashew butter with the MuscleMousse and add a splash of water achieve thickness. You want it to be mixable but still fairly thick. Divide between the 4 moulds then pop in the freezer for a further 15/20 minutes.

Layer 3: Mix the cacao powder with the sweetener first then add the 40g remaining coconut oil. Divide the final layer between the moulds then either freeze for 30 minutes or refrigerate for 2 hours.


Most importantly, be sure to enjoy them 🙂


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