Tzatziki with Cajun spiced wedges 

Tzatziki with Cajun spiced wedges 


Tzatziki is one of those dips that makes the most perfect accompaniment to almost any dishes!

It’s refreshing, delicious and totally universal.

Traditional middle eastern Tzatziki is made with full fat yogurt which by default is quite high in fat however this recipe is virtually fat free and much higher in protein too!

I’ve chosen to make some sweet potato wedges to dip into the Tzatziki but you can literally enjoy it with anything you fancy so without further ado let’s get cooking!


For the Tzatziki 

-300g Quark

-Fresh lemon

-1/2 Cucumber

-1 TSP Dried parsley

-Fresh Parsley

-A garlic clove

-Pinch of Salt

-TBPS Olive oil

-1 TSP Pepper

-1 TSP Paprika

For the wedges 

-400g Sweet Potato

-2 TBSP Liquid aminos

1 TBSP Cajun seasoning

-Frylight Spray (the buttery one is my favourite!)


1.Slice your sweet potato then toss them in the liquid aminos and cajan seasoning. Spray them with a little frylight then pop them in the oven at 200 degrees for 35 minutes.

2.Finely grate your cucumber and mix it with the quark then add a squeeze of fresh lemon and a TBSP of olive oil. Add your dried parsley, garlic, paprika, salt and pepper to taste then throw on some fresh parsley leaves.

3.The most important step, enjoy it! 🙂

Why not give this a go to accompany a BBQ this summer?

You can enjoy it with whatever your heart fancies!

Best of all, you could double the quantities and store in the fridge to add to lunches or dinners all week 🙂

All my love,



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