Coconut & Almond Parfait (Vegan)

Coconut & Almond Parfait (Vegan)


Healthy indulgence, the perfect description for this dreamy Almond & Coconut parfait!

Packet full of goodness, high in fibre, good fats and brimming with flavour too, you simply must give this one a go 😉


What’s more, its sugar free, vegan AND features an incredible new product from the wonderful guys at VivoLifeUK– Plant based, BCAA Coconut water in a dreamy Blueberry Baobab flavour! The absolute first of its kind on the market 😉


Ingredients (makes 2):

Almond cream layer

-100g Tinned Coconut Cream

-10g Almond Flour (I use Sukrin)

-50g Smooth Almond Butter (I use Hognuts Creme Brule, use plain Almond butter to keep it Vegan)

Coconut cream layer

-100g Tinned Coconut cream 

-15g Vivo Life Coconut Water BCAA’s 

-10g Coconut sugar 

Chocolate layer

-20g Cacao powder (I use The Good Stuff)

-10g Coconut Oil (I use The Good Stuff)

-15ml Coconut Syrup or 10g Coconut sugar 


1.For the first layer, whisk together the coconut cream, almond flour then stir in the almond butter. Layer into a parfait glass and freeze for half an hour.

2.For the next layer, whisk together the BCAA’s, coconut cream and coconut sugar. Layer onto into the glass then pop back in the freezer for half an hour.

3.Finally, melt together your coconut oil and syrup then mix through the cacao powder. Pour onto the middle layer then cool for 2 hours.

Remove and enjoy!!


If you’re vegan and looking for BCAA’s to try; you’d be silly not to give these a go! Plus, just as with protein shakes, you don’t always have to drink them either, get creative and make something with them 😀

Please tag me if you give this a go!


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