Chocolate Acai Bowl (Vegan)

Chocolate Acai Bowl


Now i’m sure you’ve seen these everywhere as they’re all the craze right now!

Acai puree is actually very expensive to buy in pouches so Vivolife have literally changed the game with their new Acai & Blueberry Perform powder.

Call me predictable but an Acai bowl recipe was simply obligatory with this new stuff 😉

You HAVE to give it a go, its an antioxidant party in your body 😀



1 Scoop Vivolife Acai & Blueberry

-150g Frozen blueberries

-1 Frozen Banana

-1 TSP Cocoa or Cacao powder (I use The good Stuff)

-1 TSP Maca powder (I use Vivolife but can be ommitted!)

-1 TBSP Maple syrup or honey

-200ml Coconut milk/ Soy Milk/ Almond Milk/ Skimmed milk


1.Throw everything into a blender for around 20 seconds, pour into a bowl, admire, then top with whatever your heart desires 🙂

As simple as that guys, isn’t is easy?

Hope you love this recipe, don’t forget to tag me when you give it a go!

All my love,


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