Coconut & Pistachio Cakes

Coconut & Pistachio Cakes with a Pistachio Glaze!



Almost too pretty to eat, you’ll be surprised just how easy they were to make too!

Topped with edible flowers which I picked up in home bargains of all places- a treat for the eyes and the taste buds 😉

Let’s get baking chickens!


-40g Oat flour (I just grind regular oats)

-40g Coconut flour (I use The Good Stuff)

-1 TSP Baking powder

-2 Eggs

-TSP Vanilla extract

-2 TBSP Natvia sweetener

-10g Coconut Oil (I use The Good Stuff)

-80ml Coconut Milk

To Decorate:

-10g Pistachio Jell-O

-100ml Coconut Milk

-Edible flowers


1.Pre-heat your oven to 150 degrees then measure out all your dry ingredients. Add your eggs, coconut oil then pour in your milk as your stir through to achieve a cake bater consistency

2.Pop in the oven for 12 minutes whilst you whisk together your coconut milk and Jell-O- you will have to be quite vigorous!

3. Allow the cakes to cool before decorating how you wish then tucking in!!

I’d say these were the perfect summer show-stopper but it appears summer is over in the UK. None the less, you can always make them to brighten up yours (or someone else’s) day 😉

All my love,




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