Mint Chocolate Chip Nutty Cups

Mint Chocolate Chip Nutty Cups


When you get mint chocolate cravings, or just need an afternoon pick-me-up, these are absolutely perfect!

Super easy to make and definitely hit the spot if you have a sweet tooth like me.

I totally forgot about this recipe till I fancied something minty the other day and decided to re-make and totally re-vamp it. I’ve made it even easier and even tastier too!! 🙂

Ingredients (makes 4):

Crunchy Base:

-20g Coconut flour

-20g Ground oats

-20g Crushed mixed nuts

-2 TBS Coconut oil (I use The Good Stuff)

-1 TBS Honey/ Maple syrup

Mint chocolate centre:

-30g Mint Chocolate Muscle Mousse

-80 ml Milk of choice

Chocolate topping:

-4 TBS Cacao or cocoa powder (I use The Good Stuff)

-2 TBS Coconut oil (I use The Good Stuff)

-1 TBS Maple syrup/ honey

-30g Chocolate chips


1.To make the crunchy base, simply mix together the coconut flour, crushed nuts and ground oats then pour in your syrup and heated coconut oil- place this in the bottom of your cupcake moulds

2.Mix together the muscle mousse with the milk then spoon on top of your crunchy base

3.Add your melted coconut oil, honey/maple syrup to a separate bowl, mix in the cacao powder well then stir through your chocolate chips before pouring on top of the mint mousse layer

4. Pop them in the freezer for 1 hour then take out and enjoy!


Told you they were quick and simple! 😉

Hope you enjoy them- all my love,


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