Maximum Vibrance by Water-for-health 

Maximum Vibrance by Water-for-health 


So lately I’ve been inundated with DMs asking for my smoothie recipe which I have found myself developing a massive obsession with and having multiple times a day. The reason I’ve kept it under wraps is because I’ve been trying out a new protein powder and I wanted to be sure about it before I said anything.

So it’s not just any protein powder, it’s a combination of so many health-benefiting ingredients which they’ve combined and coined as Maximum Vibrance! Before I share my recipe, I simply must tell you about Maximum Vibrance..

So a quick run through of everything in the powder:

-It has 20g of complete vegan proteins

-25 Billion probiotics

-7 digestive enzymes

-7 of your ‘5 a day’ servings of fruit and veg

-Vitamins AND minerals (including 1,000 i.u. of Vitamin D!)


-4g of fibre!

So you can see what I mean when I said, this isn’t just your ordinary protein powder. It’s an elixir of health for anyone – not just your athlete or hardcore gym go-er!

And we all know how much I ❤ gut health; I’ve written about its importance in the past so many times. The better your gut health, the more optimal your overall health – not to mention the huge link between gut health and happiness. A healthy gut flora resulting in positive brain function and the reduction in illness such as anxiety and depression, aside from immune illness also.

Probiotics are the one and only tablet which I encourage anyone and everyone to take on a daily basis, so for me, the fact that Maximum Vibrance is infused with 25 Billion CFU, from a dozen different strains, won me over! It’s the first of its kind, combining digestive enzymes, probiotics and protein all in one. If you choose to invest in one item, then this is truly the product for you.

Coming from a history of gut problems, especially having suffered with IBS my whole life, this was incredibly gentle on my digestive system too. The added enzymes not only ensure optimal breakdown and absorption of the powder, but also your overall diet which has made me feel healthier than ever this week!

I really cannot recommend it enough and now I simply must share my smoothie recipe with you all;


-1 Scoop Maximum Vibrance in Chocolate

-5g Cacao powder

-5g Maca powder

-1 Banana

-100g Blueberries

-50g Raspberries

-50g Alpro yogurt

-150ml Almond milk

-Handful of ice

All blended and enjoyed immediately 🙂

If you guys have any questions, comment me below and I’ll always get back to you 🤗

All my love,


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