Chocolate Chip Brownies

Goooey, Delicious, Chocolate Chip Brownies

Not even protein brownies, oh no. They’re even gluten free for those of you with intollerances.

Your regular indulgent type just healthified and with added chocolate chips 😉 thrown together with everything I had in my kitchen as I needed a chocolate fix & I needed it fast!

I assure you, you won’t have to go out of your way to buy any fancy ingredients either.

Let’s begin..


1 Large Banana

80g Oat flour (I just blend regular oats)

70g Cocoa powder (I use The Good Stuff)

10g Coconut oil (I use The Good Stuff)

50g Sweetener (I use Natvia)

1 TSP Vanilla extract

2 Eggs

-Splash of milk (I used Almond but you can use anything!)

40g Chocolate chips


1. Measure your dry ingredients and pop to one side.

2.Mash your banana with your eggs, coconut oil, vanilla extract then add to the dry mixture.

3.Add a splash of milk (or slightly more if you need!) to get a batter like consistency. Stir through your chocolate chips.

4.Pop in a grease lined oven proof dish then bake for 15 minutes on 150 degrees. I like mine slightly underdone so cook them for longer to suit your preference!


I’ve topped them with a peanut butter icing here because it’s my absolute favourite! This recipe is super simple, I hope you all love it 🙂

All my love,



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