1Z6A9584The big secret is out!
Am I releasing a guide? Well not the kind you might think…
I’d like to introduce you to M&M’s by VeesFitnessFood!

Macros & Micros (M&M's) by VeesFitnessFood
This is THE first E-Book of its kind in the industry.

Not only does it feature brand new recipes which I have put my absolute heart and soul into perfecting for you, but a full guide on understanding nutrition.

Diet culture has sadly become the norm and we live in a world obsessed with calorie counting, looking a certain way and weighing a certain number, that we have forgotten what it is that we actually eat for.

This is not a book telling you HOW to eat or WHAT to eat, but a book to remind you why you SHOULD eat and what exactly it is we NEED food for.

This guide will not only show you how to understand the caloric value of food, help you understand the main macronutrient groups, but more importantly, discuss the micronutrients imperative for true health.
I want to remind you that food is natures medicine; vitamins and minerals form the foundations of our health.


You’ll also discover just how easy it is to create the most delicious, minimal ingredient, healthy recipes which all feature a full calorie breakdown, macronutrient breakdown and most importantly, highlight the vitamins and minerals in each meal too!
These are definitely some of my all time FAVOURITE recipes.

The recipes are broken down into savoury and sweet meals rather than dictated by meal timings…

Eating well does not mean compromising on flavour or variety, nor does it mean eliminating anything from your diet! This is the foundation of my belief when it comes to food.

Yes people count calories or macros for their own reasons, be it to lose or gain weight, but the majority of us just want to live a sustainable, healthy and realistic lifestyle.

In fact, many people aren’t even aware of what ‘macros’ and ‘micros’ are, diet culture has brainwashed us into believing foods are ‘good’ or ‘bad’ which is total nonsense.

Take fat for example, did you know it’s actually vital for your hormones to function regularly. That these hormones regulate all the processes in your body?
That your brain runs primarily off carbohydrates, that it NEEDS glucose from carbs to function?

All this and more are discussed in the E-Book in a way which is relatable and easy to understand.

Last but not least, a massive THANK YOU for your on-going support, Vee’s Fitness Food wouldn’t be where it is today without the love of each and everyone of you, so thank you again!

All my love,


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