What you should(n’t) do on January 1st


What you should(n’t) do on January 1st

So Christmas 2017 has come and gone and shock, the newspapers, magazines, ‘fitspos’ are now telling you it’s time to rein it in…

But hold on, why do we need or want to change anything?

We enjoyed a memorable few days with friends and family, ate good food and are now being told we ‘over did it?’ This notion is being drilled into us left, right and centre.

Firstly, i’m here to tell you that you don’t need to do anything about it. Just because you may have or haven’t eaten slightly more than normal doesn’t mean you need to do something about it. Life can go on, as normal.


You don’t need to tune in to all the social media noise around you, in fact, i’m going to tell you exactly what you SHOULDN’T do.


1.DON’T Feel guilty

Don’t let anyone or anything allow you to feel a sense of guilt about the food you ate. Never ever associate food with guilt, food is to be enjoyed, you need food to survive and function. Why is the fact that we should feel guilty being drilled into our minds?

2.DON’T Regret anything

As with guilt, regret should never ever be associated with food. What are you going to remember when you’re older- the memories you made or the food you did/didn’t eat?

3.DON’T Restrict calories or eat less 

Studies have actually shown that overeating a little has the potential to boost your metabolism (so you’re actually doing yourself a favour!) the best thing to do is just carry on as normal afterwards. There’s absolutely no need to eat less/restrict or diet- you’ll only cause more harm than good. Our bodies are very clever and will essentially balance out the extra calories anyway!

4.DON’T Go on a ‘Yo-yo’ diet 

As with restriction, step away from any yo-yo diets, magazine diets, internet diets. ANY diets! Diets. Do. Not. Work. Please believe me, it’s been proven again and again. They simply do not work. Dieting has no place in your health- both physical and mental. Diet’s are not sustainable nor healthy nor necessary to be happy.


5.Cut carbs (or worse, fat)

Cutting out major food groups won’t do you any good either! Cutting carbs will simply cut water weight which you’ll put right back on as soon as you eat carbs again. Carbohydrates are SO important for you energy, sanity and SO much more- everything I discuss further in My Book which you can read here- https://veesfitnessfood.com/shop/

Same goes for fat, they are an essential food group imperative to your health. You will not gain anything by eating ‘low fat’ other than caloric restriction which will cause you harm long term.


6.DON’T Try any silly detox teas/ juices/ diet tablets

I hate it to say it, but all these do are increase your bowel movements, give you very very runny stool and put you at risk of malnourishment. You’re simply paying for an expensive laxative that will put you at risk of electrolyte imbalance that could cause heart problems! The problem is, celebrities indorse these products without using them themselves and without fully understanding the risks and consequences with their use so PLEASE stay away for your own good!

7.DON’T follow anyone else’s diet

You really must take what you see on social media or what you read about in magazines with a pinch of salt. Nine times out of ten it isn’t even true, nor has said ‘celebrity/influencer’ given that information out. Diets and lifestyles are SPECIFIC to each individual person, do not copy what you see someone else supposedly doing; firstly it may not even be true, secondly, we are ALL different with regards to what we require and finally, our GENETICS are massively different- the one factor which rules all.

8.DON’T start following random ‘fitspos’ or ‘celebrities’

It’s easy to do isn’t it? You tell yourself you want to look like person x, you start following their ‘fitness journey’ you want to be like them, but what you don’t know is that even they don’t look like themselves. They promote airbrushed photos taken after weeks and weeks of HARD controlled dieting. They promote an imagine unachievable to you and I. Not only that, it’s unhealthy, they promote an image which is unsustainable. These people have also been training for years, so whats the point in comparing your day 30 for example, to someones 12th year of training?
The only thing comparison will do, is rid you of joy and make you miserable that you don’t look like said person. Your only competition is YOU, you can only improve upon the person you are.

9. DON’T Do too much too soon

It’s all well and good feeling motivated and inspired to change or improve something come Jan 1st but if you take on too much too soon, you will just overwhelm yourself and set yourself up for failure. Instead, make small weekly changes that will turn into lifestyle habits.


10.DON’T be afraid of asking for help!

The problem with the fitness industry as it is, is that everyone is a personal trainer or coach or nutritionist these days, but how do you know who’s advice to listen to? The best thing to do is seek professional help should you want it. Want help in the gym? Talk to a personal trainer. Need help with your diet? Talk to a nutritionist. Need genuine medical help with problems relating to food? Talk to your GP. DO NOT be embarassed or afraid to ask for help. Everyone starts somewhere and it’s best to do so with the most accurate guidance possible to give yourself the safest start you can.


Have the most wonderful start to the New Year everyone and don’t forget to look back, reflect and be grateful for the past year you’ve had.

All my love,

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6 thoughts on “What you should(n’t) do on January 1st

  1. JennlRay says:

    Great post- I’m struggling with this now, got a scare three weeks ago with my health, so I decided to have a F’it attitude this week- ate waaaaay to many cookies for four days plus desserts. Stuffed my face to no end. Now I’m planning my week and looking at where I can cut and still do my lifting and cardio… ugh struggle is real

    Liked by 1 person

    • VeesFitnessFood says:

      Darling. Look back, reflect on how much you enjoyed that wonderful food. Think of the memories you made. Fuel yourself with delicious healthy food and get active in a way that makes you feel good. You will be okay I promise 💜💜💜


  2. JennlRay says:

    Thank you Vee, I know you get it. I’m at my lowest weight ever not a healthy weight and I seriously need to gain so I know it’s for the best that I ate like it was my last meal haha, just so hard to get out of the mindset. You’re an Angel for posting what many of us need to remember! Luv you girl!

    Liked by 1 person

    • VeesFitnessFood says:

      I do understand 💜 it’ll take time but you just need to remind yourself that your health and happiness are the most important things 💖 love you too! Thank you for always being so supportive


  3. Amie says:

    Amen!!! This is exactly the message people need to see and more importantly take on board! I wrote a similar post on my blog, amazing to see so many people that are doing it right this year!

    Liked by 1 person

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