Beat The Blues! #BrewMonday

Beat The Blues! #BrewMonday

It’s that time of year again, the ‘January blues’, I’m feeling them, everyone in the country seems to be feeling them, and now Blue Monday supposedly the most ‘depressing day of the year’

Having been hit with them hard in the past but finding practical and helpful ways to combat them, I thought i’d share my tips with you all because there’s no reason we should let these feelings take over!


Get off social media 

Yep, you heard me! Social media has a way of reminding us or telling us how we should be feeling when in fact, we may not be feeling this way. It may just be that from reading over and over that you will or should feel down this month, that you start to believe it.


Try something new

On your way home from work you may find yourself falling in to the same routine, maybe with dinner or the same take-away that you normally order. Feeling down can sometimes be a consequence of an old routine or feeling ‘stuck in a rut’. Instead, pick a new recipe to make, bake something from scratch, you’ll feel slightly out of your comfort zone but much better afterwards for what you’ve accomplished.

Get active 

This doesn’t mean getting to the gym or trying to loose weight, i’m talking fun activities like climbing, park runs, dance classes, all things to get your heart beating and endorphins flowing to make you feel fabulous! Use this opportunity to try out new things, who knows what you’ll fall in love with?

Dedicate some time

Do something selfish. Practice self love, try meditation and mindfulness. We’re lucky to be in the position we are where so much is free on the internet or via apps these days. Explore what YouTube has to offer, download the HeadSpace App for free from Apple and give mindfulness a go. A few minutes a day could do you the world of good.


Plan ahead 

This is my personal  top tip- plan plan plan! I know that if I have lots coming up to look forward to and keep me busy, I never feel too bad. Plan activities with friends, trips to the cinema, dinner dates, even phone calls! Catch up with friends you haven’t seen for a while and make time for family. Research shows that true happiness comes from the relationships we make with those in our lives.



I’d just like to mention that The Samaritans are running #BrewMonday to tackle ‘Blue Monday’. A campaign encouraging you to simply get together and talk over a cup of tea (or coffee!) in order to support one another. Sometimes all somebody needs is an ear to feel they’re being listened to.


Don’t forget, you can call The Samaritans anytime for free on these numbers:

-116 123 (UK)


-116 123 (ROI)





And please, if you’re in a position where you feel you would benefit from proper medical help, do not be afraid to seek it. Mental health is so important and there is plenty of help available to you.


I’d love to hear your tips too if you have anything to share.

All my love,

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