My ESPA experience at Laguna

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We live in a world where everyone is constantly busy and on the go, that we truly do savour moments in which we can relax and wind down.

Taking time to yourself or treating a loved one to do this same is truly one of the best things you can do not only for your physical health but more so your mental health.

With this mind, I’d like to talk about spa days/ experiences/ simply going for a massage

2fdb5aee129fc107170fca6b3cbb3616Whether it be something you book for yourself or something you treat a loved one too, I think we can all agree just how refreshed, calm and peaceful we feel after a massage.

It’s fully proven within the literature just how much of an impact a massage can have on ones mind and body which is why they are such a popular and luxurious way to wind down.

The trouble that comes with this, is the sheer amount of choice out there when it comes to picking somewhere to go. How do you know you’re getting a quality treatment tailored to you?

This is where I’d like to open your eyes to the Laguna Health and Spa in Cardiff.New_Image_400x400

Located right in the middle of town, it’s an absolute breeze to get to no matter where you’re coming from and I’d like to tell you more about my experience there!

I was contacted to come down by the sweetest and most accommodating lady who worked in Laguna, she found a time convenient for me and explained one of the ESPA massage experiences they offered there.

When I arrived, the staff were incredibly friendly and welcoming. They showed me around the spa including the facilities such as the gym and pool which I was welcome to use as part of the ESPA experience.

Not all spas will let you use the facilities when having treatment however Laguna are incredibly generous in doing so!download (2)

I was given my own bathrobe and towel as well as locker key to store my things before being escorted downstairs for my consultation and treatment.

Whilst waiting for the treatment, they have a relaxing and beautiful room for you to unwind in with fresh fruit water, peaceful music and beautiful scents in the background.


I was then taken through to my treatment room by a specialist masseuse who was very accommodating and understanding in tailoring the treatment exactly to me.

download (3)And that’s one of the best things about the experience, the entire treatment is tailored to you. She talked me through the entire treatment which was due to last 80 minutes. Explaining the importance of breathing techniques, mindfulness, relaxing the body and the mind, not only this, she allowed me to choose the scent most suited to me to carry out the entire treatment.

They had a range of beautiful scents, I truly was spoilt for choice so you can guarantee they’ll have one just perfect for you.

The room itself was the perfect temperature, which again she checked was right for me. The music chosen perfectly to complement the treatment and sent you into a trance of utter peace and serenity.

Not only were the scents of the oils I chose used during my massage, they were kept constantly diffusing through the room which meant it smelt truly beautiful. The therapist also explained to me that everything they used was cruelty-free, holistic ingredients which meant they really did use the best of the best.

The treatment started with a gentle and calming face massage at the perfect pressure which left me feeling serine, my wonderful therapist then started massaging through the metamorphic zones on my feet which I had never experienced before.21033306189_7a6014043d_k

Following this was the most relaxing full body massage I have had to this day. My therapist was incredibly attentive and calming that I almost fell asleep and didn’t want it to end at all.

Once finished she gave me as much time as I needed to come back to reality as it were! I was allowed back into the relaxation room for fresh fruit water before exploring the rest of the facilities the spa had to offer; A spacious pool and jacuzzi was where I found myself drawn to afterwards which was the perfect way to end my ESPA experience.

If you’re not convinced, Simply take a trip down their yourself to look around before booking your treatment!

You’ll be overwhelmed with the welcoming staff, relaxing and calm atmosphere as well as choice of treatment.

Treat yourself or even a loved one for some valuable relaxation time at the Laguna spa and it’ll be the best decision you’ll make all year…

For your body for most importantly your mind!

Thank you again to the lovely staff at Laguna spa for making me feel as serene as I’ve ever been!espa


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