Chocolate Orange Krispies (Vegan)

Chocolate Orange Krispies (Vegan)


You know those days you’re just desperately searching though your cupboard for a quick snack and pull out everything you have in hope for the best?! Well this is how I came to make these! I’m all about texture and for some reason, I was really craving something crunchy yet chocolately at the same time. This truly is something so easy and so fun you could make with little ones too- I remember making these treats when I was really young, the hardest part is actually waiting for them to set!

Hope you love this recipe & give it a go when you fancy something quick, easy and that feeling of nostalgia!



-150g Puffed Rice

-30g Smooth Cashew Butter

-10g Coconut oil (I use The Good Stuff)

-100g Chocolate of Choice

-A few drops of orange extract

-Dried orange to decorate


1.Simply melt your chocolate with your coconut oil over a bain marie then stir in the cashew butter and orange extract.

2.Pour in your puffed rice, give it a good mix then pop in cupcake moulds, top with dried orange and into the freezer for 15 minutes- as simple as that!


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