Spicy Kidney Bean Potato Nachos (Vegan)

Spicy Kidney Bean Potato Nachos (Vegan)


Now that BBQ season is well and truly underway, i’ve been obsessed with quick and easy recipes that are perfect for those times you may be hosting a dinner party or even taking a dish to someone else’s’ house who may be hosting one too!

This dish is a perfect show-stopper to make in advance and pop in the middle for people to nibble on whilst you’re cooking up everything else on the Barbie! You know what though, it’s also perfect when you’ve gotten in from a long day and need something quick and nutritious for dinner- it’s packed full of carbs, protein, fibre and a healthy dollup of fats if you add some guacamole too! IMG_6370


Here’s how to make it!


-A tin of drained kidney beans

-50g Double concentrate tomato puree

-100ml Water

-400g Finely sliced potato (Maris Piper are the best for these!)

-1 TBS Coconut oil (I use The Good Stuff)

-Chilli flakes (to taste)

-1/2 a Lime

-1/2 TSP Salt

-1/2 TSP Pepper

1 TSP Paprika

-1 TSP Cumin

-1/2 Clove of Garlic


1.Preheat your oven to 180 degrees and begin by slicing your potatoes finely then place them flat on a baking tray, melt and pour the coconut oil to cover them well then season with salt, pepper and chilli to taste- place in the oven for 40 mins (turning in the middle).

2.Whilst they’re cooking, place your beans, tomato puree, water and seasonings in a saucepan and allow to simmer on a low heat for 15 mins until they thicken.

3.Layer up your potatoes with the spicy beans, homemade guacamole and some sour cream. Top with more chilli if desired then tuck in!


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