Sweet Potato Chilli Pesto Pasta (Vegan)

Sweet potato Chilli Pesto Pasta (Vegan)


Creamy, flavoursome, utterly rich and delicious sweet potato pesto pasta!

So this recipe was inspired by my lovely new housemate Sarah, I was quizzing her about  her favourite foods on our bus ride home and had the most amazing idea to create a chilli red pesto pasta with sweet potato.

I’ve used my favourite pasta in this recipe too, Rizopia, which is simply made from brown rice making it both gluten free, high in fibre and vegan therefore catering to all dietary requirements!

The best part is, Sarah loved it which made me so happy so you know this has had her approval in case you were skeptical at all.

Hope you enjoy!

All my love,






Ingredients (serves 2):

160g Brown rice pasta (I use Rizopia)

-300g Sweet potato (pealed and diced)

200g Cherry tomatoes

-1 TBS Tomato puree

-Splash of dairy-free milk

-2 Garlic cloves

-30g Nutritional yeast

-50g Pine nuts

-Handful fresh basil leaves

100ml Extra virgin olive oil

1 TBS Chilli flakes (add more to taste)

-1 TBS Paprika

-1/2 TSP Salt

-1/2 TSP Black pepper


1.Boil and drain your pasta as per instruction then pop to one side

2.Microwave your sweet potato chunks for 6 minutes, allow to cool then pop into a blender with the remaining ingredients.

3.Blend for a few minutes till you reach smooth desired consistency, stir through the pasta then garnish with fresh basil and chilli to taste.


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