Black Bean White Chocolate Pretzel Brownies!

Black Bean White Chocolate Pretzel Brownies!


When I first got into the whole ‘fitness’ side of things, I used to put protein powder in everything and  completely went off it all . The other day I was clearing through our pantry and found a tin of black beans, I remembered once wanting to use black beans to make brownies and decided to add some protein powder to help make them less moist (sorry). To my surprise, they were incredibly fudgy even with the addition of the protein powder! I even swirled through some Sugar-free dark chocolate I was kindly sent by Pure Heavenly chocolate (which are a wonderful chocolate company supporting charities and producing vegan, GMO and gluten free bars!). I highly recommend giving these a go, even if you are sceptical about using protein powder I promise these won’t disappoint.



-250g Black beans

-100g Melted chocolate (I used Pure Heavenly Sugarfree chocolate)

-40g Chocolate Protein powder

-30g Coconut flour

-40g Cacao powder

-1 TSP Baking powder

-2 Eggs

-Splash almond milk


1.Simply blend everything together (except the chocolate) then pop to one side.

2.Melt the chocolate over a ban marie then fold through the mixture, place in the oven on 150 degrees for 15 minutes.

3.Test the inside with a sharp knife and it should come out clean (I personally prefer mine slightly underdone!)


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