Biscuit Brownies with White Chocolate (Vegan)

Biscuit Brownies with White Chocolate



Are you ready for this…

These sugar-free brownies have it all – the luscious fudgy texture, a crunchy biscuit layer, the intense chocolate flavour and creamy white chocolate drizzle. Plus, they’re gluten, grain and dairy free so suitable for all!

I’m a massive lover of texture and you just can’t go wrong with a biscuit layer be in in brownies, cakes or cheesecakes especially when you can find sugar-free biscuits now too.

What’s even better: these brownies are super easy to make and don’t require any fancy ingredients just like all my recipes!



50g Cocoa powder (I used Creative Nature)

40g Almond flour

200g Natvia sweetener

150g Coconut oil

100g Apple puree

2 Flax-eggs or 2 Eggs (non-vegan option)

100g Dark chocolate (melted)

50ml Almond milk

150g Non-dairy yogurt (I used Alpro)

1 TSP Baking powder

Sugar-free finger biscuits (from Sainsburys)

For the drizzle:

120g Cocoa butter

60g coconut oil

1 TSP vanilla extract


1.Throw all your ingredients into a blender (except the biscuits). Blend until combined and smooth.

2.Split your brownie mix in 2, pop 1/2 in an oven proof dish lined with baking paper then top with a flat layer of biscuits, pour the remaining half of the brownie mix on top. Crush 8-10 biscuits roughly to sprinkle on top.

3,Place in the oven for 20-25 minutes on 180 degrees.

3.Allow to cool, top with the white chocolate drizzle made by melting together the cocoa butter, oil and vanilla extract.

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