What’s not to love about a cheesecake? Well, if you’re trying out vegan recipes and are new to veganism, you may just think that cheesecake and similar indulgent desserts are off limits because of the cheese. But there is a world of possibility out there when it comes to vegan treats and I am so happy to share this recipe with you today.

Instead of dairy cheese this recipe uses Nush foods which are found in most supermarkets now, Nush are almond milk based yogurts and che*eses in a range of flavours ensuring you never miss dairy again!

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Ingredients; For the base

100g sugar-free digestives (found in sainsburys)

100g oats

100g Sweet freedom sweetener

For the ‘cheesecake’

400g plain Nush foods che*se

30g Natvia sweetener

50g Coconut oil

To decorate

Joe and Sephs salted caramel sauce

Gnables salted caramel by Creative nature

Sweetfreedom Choc shot


1.Prepare the base by adding the biscuits, oats and sweetener to a food processor and blitz until well combined. Remove from the processor and press the mixture into a greased cake tin firmly.

2.For the filling, melt the coconut oil and place the ingredients in a blender. Combine well then layer on top of the base.

3.Decorate with drizzles of the salted caramel syrup and sweetfreedom choc shot then allow to set in the fridge for a few hours.

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