Protein Empire

I am incredibly excited to tell you guys about a brand new, upcoming supplement company I now have the pleasure of working with! Protein Empire Recently formed in 2015, Protein Empire is an innovative sports nutrition brand that provide the highest quality that's both affordable and promises to be the best tasting products available on the … Continue reading Protein Empire

Hello Hognuts!

Say hello to the BRAND NEW mouthwatering Hognuts Butters flavours! 😀 They've seriously spoilt us this time with not one, two or three, but four totally unique brand new peanut butters! CHOCOLATE TIFFIN PEANUT BRITTLE COOKIES & CREAM SUPERSEED  Click here to experience some serious peanut butter porn 😉 You can drool over them for … Continue reading Hello Hognuts!

Matcha Tea?

Your Tea- Matcha Tea Set Review   As an absolute caffeine fiend, I'm always keen to try alternatives that both give me a boost in the morning and keep me feeling good all day When I was approached by the generous people of Your Tea to try their Matcha Tea set, I couldn't refuse as … Continue reading Matcha Tea?

Nutri-Bombz Review

Nutri-Bombz Review!  So I was lucky enough to be approached by the wonderful people of Nutri-bombz to try out their healthy snacks. Nutri-bombz are handmade, fresh, gluten-free natural balls, made to order and delivered fresh to your door. They make a range of Protein Bombz (with added whey protein), Vegan Bombz, & Breakfast Bombz. All full … Continue reading Nutri-Bombz Review

The Oat Games!

The Oat Games run by Mornflake Oat cereal  What a day! The incredible people behind Mornflake Oat cereal organised an exclusive blogger's event in South Cheshire- the home and birth place of Mornflake, Britains 4th oldest family owned company. I do not doubt that you haven't already heard of and tried their products; ranging from superfast … Continue reading The Oat Games!